See Through

A visual essay.

Exploring the intersection between art and nature, between material, light, and color. A 40 seconds film that showcases 4 realistic yet abstract CG landscapes, each of them in a relationship with a kinetic transparent sculpture.

As a Creative Animation firm, we are naturally driven by the need to offer solutions to communication problems. Sometimes we must step away from client work and let ourselves play and gather. This is what we did. We navigated toward uncertainty by embracing a short but intensive creative journey.

The initial goal of this R&D-driven project was to explore landscape design, elegancy, and a more cinematographic language. The outcomes of the design process dictated the animation style and so the final edit which was finally reinforced by an exquisite sound design.

The importance of R&D is to allow ourselves to find the unexpected.

It is crucial for Clim to create self-initiated work and he does so very often. This time, no explicit intention other than exploring an audiovisual language built on a mood based on subtlety, delicacy, and even intimacy. The result reminds us of the classic aspect of a blueprint-photography language mixed with the modernity of the landscape CG NFT-like trend.

See Through
See Through

We did find lots of answers that will stay forever on our drives awaiting to be applied to future client work. We learned so much about the design process, its production, pipeline, and technical requirements as well as finding a beautiful sweet spot between reality and graphicness. The following images expose some of our creations that did not make the final cut but that contributed to our learning process.

See Through
See Through


PRODUCED BY — Clim Studio
CG DESIGN — Linus Zoll + Everthon Esteban
CG ANIMATION — Edgar Ferrer
THANKS TO — Julien Gaboriau + João Lucas
EDIT — Clim