Make it Better

We started pretty big!

Back in 2011 our self-initiated animation “Make it Better” went viral in the motion graphics’ community. With more than 2 Million views combined “Make it Better” still one of the most powerful references for kinetic animation.

We still very proud of this self-initiated project which turn out to be a kick starter for our careers.

Clim  designed the “I’m gonna make it better” original composition. He was very interested about the creative process that lead him to create this piece with the collaboration of the animator Sebastián Baptista.

The animation was launched just hoping to send a message to the world: “Whatever you do, always try to be the best you can be.”

Few months later “Make it Better” was the beginning of the animation studio “Sebas & Clim” which was the initial step for Clim to become a Director in the moving-image industry.


ANIMATION BY — Sebastián Baptista
MUSIC & SFX BY — Aimar Molero