It's About Time

A kinetic poem.

A Vimeo Staff Picked homage to the passage of Time. A portrait created with eight visual metaphors orchestrated in harmony: Set Design, Animation & Sound.

Probably the most optimistic silver lining we can take from 2020 is the forced experience of living an introverted life, one that requires us to be introspective. This period of reflection inspired Creative Director Clim to create this visual poem in motion.

It’s About Time

It was very important to represent the range of ways Time is defined. In the piece we find literal representations of Time such as “Daytime” or “Pendulum” … as well as the more abstract and emotive such as; “Time Flies”, “Killing Time”, “Making Time”, among others.

Set Designs were also Time-inspired. Juxtaposed layers of simple yet bold architectural pieces sum up together to create meaningful compositions that help reinforce the one main idea.

Lighting and animation play their own very significant, more expected, role when expressing the passage of time.

The golden treatment of a few elements represents the preciousness of Time. The grounding color palette was influenced by the varied skin tones of humanity giving this piece a warmth and subliminal familiarity we felt was important to our themes.

It’s About Time

As poetry, the very initial thought was based on sound.

As in the written form of poetry, rhythm is extremely important to the language of this piece. The tempo, the cadence, the cuts and movements, were all perfectly synchronised. The animation of each scene along with the edit follow the hypnotic pacing of a metronome.  A viewer should feel completely in sync with what is happening on screen.  Immersed in each second as it gracefully, seamlessly takes you to the next.

It’s About Time

“It’s About Time” was initially born as a title sequence for a well known Design Festival canceled due 2020’s worldwide unexpected events. Clim & Edgar decided to continue working on the piece and turned it into their own personal project.


CG ANIMATION — Edgar Ferrer