TV Commercial of India's most popular drink.

Making the Frooti Fizz TVC was an unforgettable experience. The gift of creative freedom is something you don’t normally see much of in the commercial world. We ideated from head to toes the commercial for the launch of the new flavour of the most famous mango-based soft drink in India. We proposed a simple yet strong concept inspired by the feeling of anticipation we get from the classic duel set up. The powerful flavour of a Mango, squaring off with Alia, our embodiment of Fizz.

Clim worked side by side with Jessica Walsh, one of the most talented creatives worldwide.

Frooti Fizz

Collaborating with creative minds like Jessica Walsh, Nadia Chauhan, Zak Mulligan (Director of Photography), the powerhouse that is Alia Bhatt, and an amazingly talented and diverse crew (Hornet & Ransom Films) was something truly special and unique.

It helped to make the challenge of capturing the essence of this simple but compelling idea through set design, choreography, edit and even an original soundtrack, a source of professional growth.

Frooti Fizz


AGENCY – & Walsh
CD – Jessica Walsh
CLIENT – Parlé Agro

Executive Producer – Hana Shimizu
Head of Production – Sang Jin Bae
Producer – Cathy Kwan
Development Producer – Kristin Labriola
Director of Photography – Zak Mulligan
VFX Supervisor – John Mattiuzzi
Editor – Peter Johnson
Storyboard Artist – Will Sweeney
Set Designer – Javier Leon

LIVE ACTION (Ransom Films)
Executive Producer – Salil Khurana
Producer – Sia Bhuyan, Suhana Sharma
Line Producer – Sachin Singh
Associate Producer – Unnati Agarwal
Assistant Director – Vinay Waikul
1st AC – Srinivas Achary
Focuspuller – Anant Kathe
Gaffer – Naz Rahmani
Key Grip – Ninad Nayampally
Production Designer – Twisha Pal & Elridge Rodrigues
DIT – Viraj Shah
Production Manager – Nadeem Shaikh
Production Coordinator – Saurabh Yadav
Production Assistant – Nandita Gangwal
Talent – Alia Bhatt
Make-up – Mickey Contractor
Hair – Gabriel Georgiou
Wardrobe – Ami Patel
Choreography – Uma – Gaiti

Editor – Stephanie Andreou
Lead Compositor – John Mattiuzzi
Compositors – John Stanch, Bea Walling, Ali Kocar
Particles FX – Andrew Guttormsson
Lighting & Rendering – Kevin Lu
Motion Designer – Hui Chi Chuang
Colorist – Shawn King

Music – Amit Trivedi
SFX & Mix – Beatstreet Studios

JMD & Chief Marketing Officer – Nadia Chauhan
Group Brand Manager – Aaron Gomes
Assistant Brand Manager – Nidhi Rathi