How Tos made fun.

A creative collaboration between Clim, Hornet & the Facebook Factory, a series of fun educational videos that utilize live action, cel animation and 2D character & design components to communicate a tangible sensibility to the spots.

We all together wanted to infuse the projects with fun concepts that people would really connect with, while making sure to not distract from Facebook’s main message.

Simplicity was one of the main characteristics we tried to achieve, and once we nailed down the pattern we could identify the places for a little entertainment.

Facebook Factory

We created 13 How Tos in total.
We helped the lovely Facebook Team to organize and structure all the information making sure we were communicating just the essential to make it as easy as possible for any user to follow.


CLINET– Facebook

EP –  Hana Shimizu
HEAD OF PROD –  Greg Bedard
PRODUCER – Cathy Kwan
LIVE ACTION PROD –  Joel Kretschman
DOP – David William Turner, Matt Workman
LEAD EDITOR – Stephanie Andreou
EDITOR –  Christen Smith

Lead UI Designer & Animator – Jenni Yang
UI Designer/Animator – Matt Caldamone, Lily Feng
Storyboard Artist – Mark Pecoraro
Character & Icon Designer – Kaya Ono
Animation Lead – Mike Luzzi
2D Animation – Angela DeVito, Mark Pecoraro, Nivedeta Sekar, Sean McBride, Zoya Baker
Lead Compositor – John Harrison
Compositors – John Mattiuzzi, Lee Gingold, Peter Fink, Paul Todaro, Ted Wiggin, Yussef Cole

1st AC – Nate Spengler
Gaffer – Michael Yetter, Chris Clarke
Key Grip – Matt Walker
2nd Grip – Matt Cryan, Justin Hullinger
VTR/DIT – Jon Osterman
Fabricators – Ben Kress, Maxwell Sorenson, Peter Erickson, Tim McDonald
Fabrication Intern – Casey Follen
Manicurist – Jeni Zaharian
Script Supervisor – Ryan Cavataro, Sean Kiely
Casting by – Foreground Inc.
Hand Talent – Adam Lundberg, Brandon Spruill, Cathy Kwan, Emma Lovewell, Jay Wen, Jade Eshele, Nydia Norvill
Music & Sound Design – Squeak E Clean
VO Artists – Elisabeth Sexton, James Smith
Rabbit in “Create Event” provided by – All Star Animals
Rabbit Handlers – Joanne Francisco, Jeff Goldenbaum
Production Coordinators – Erika Bettencourt, Ethan Christy
Production Assistants – Jamal Heravi, Jamie Pizzaro, Max Gellar
Craft Service – Charlie Waters