Amazon Alexa

Squeezing the Mix Media juice.

Amazon Alexa’s team partnered with Clim Studio to advertise new ways to shop and save on everyday grocery items. Done it alongside our reps at Hornet, this creative collaboration turned into a 30-second video that combines multiple creative solutions to achieve a unique goal: Transform a complex message into a beautiful and effective campaign.

A Clear & Clever Film.

Amazon Alexa Shopping List

Clim Studio is an ideas-driven animation studio known for creating metaphors that are not just visually strong, but also joyous and smart. It was important for Clim to bring his signature sensibility into this project in order to craft a visual style that feels energetic, vibrant, and powerful — as well as synonymous with the Amazon brand.

Amazon Alexa Shopping List
Amazon Alexa Shopping List
Amazon Alexa Shopping List

The Best of Both Worlds:
CG & Live-Action

The result is a mixed media film that sends no mixed messages. The tactile CG has purposeful imperfections for authenticity. The graphic composition, with its solid colors, feels polished yet raw. The clever use of split screens adds a flair of stylish, editorial language.

In sum, this is a “Prime” example of many moving parts coming together in synchronous style. The film is fun to watch. And Amazon’s message of new ways to shop and save is effortlessly delivered.

Amazon Alexa Shopping List


CO-PRODUCED BY – Clim Studio + Fake
CLIENT – Amazon

Creative Director – Clim
Producer – Jack Alexandre

Creative Director – Annie Loye
Senior Producer – Kimberly McGregor
Art Director – Meredith Abbot

Director – Clim
Managing PartnerHana Shimizu
Head of Production
Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development
Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer
Ashley Monaghan
Production Supervisor
Dez Stavracos
Sarah Keshishian

CG Lead – Federico Picci
CG Design – Federico Picci + Everthon Estevan + Bruno Moncada
CG Animation – Federico Picci + Marcus Bakke + Amanda Godreau
2D UI Design – Ana Freitas
2D Animation – Eduardo Altarriba
Editor – Eduardo Altarriba

FAKE STUDIO (Live Action)
Executive Producer – Joan Janer
Producer – Marta Antón
Talent – Rosa Maria Nokonoko
Production Manager – Carlos Pequerul
DOP – Álex Pizzi
Camera Assistant – Gisela Borbon
Focus Puller – Sergi Lafuente
Video Assist / Streaming – Jordi Subirats
Spark – Jordi Gimeno + Gabriel Arribas + Antonio Alcade
Stylist – Francisca Torres
Wardrobe Assistant – Marta Martínez
Make-up and Hair – Iris
Art Department – David Medina
Casting Director – Alejandra Alaff from Caasting 
Runners – Aina Ballesteros + Pol Pastor
Catering – Rock&Roll

HORNET (Pre-Production & Production)
Scheduling – Jon Chun + Lizzy Dolce
Copywriting – Vanessa Carney
Editor – Dylan Leslie
CG Color Grading (First Pass) – Shawn King
Compositing (First Pass) – Bruno Moncada + Andrew Henrique

FAKE STUDIO (Post Production)
Flame Artist + Color Correction – Quico Noizeux

Sound Company
Grayson Media
Sound Design
Tyson Kuteyi (of Grayson Media)
Liana Bdewi
Grayson Media