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“We are an ideas-driven studio and we love creating metaphors that are not just visually strong but joyful and smart.”

Creativity, Storytelling, Design, and Animation are our tools to help our clients not only succeed but excel in their communication goals. Our thumb-stopping visuals are wowing audiences since 2010. Focused mainly but not only on digitally-consumed content for luxury brands, tech, art, and design industries. We partner with our clients and work closely with their in-house teams to make sure we are all set for success.

We are a design-driven Animation House. A strong core with a fluid and adaptive infrastructure. An interconnected worldwide network orchestrated by a unique creative voice: Clim, an international award-winning creative director, designer, and producer.

Climent Canal, better known as Clim, has been releasing outstanding work in the moving-image industry since 2010. What’s so striking about this trend is how consistent it has been. Even back when most great works came from under the umbrella of a big studio, Clim was paving his own path and making independent work.  Clim has been exploring different visual languages for the past 15 years. He hand picks the perfect dream team for each job. That’s how Clim is mastering the art of directing. Bringing together the best of the best exclusively for each specific project.

Our work is Conceptual, Vibrant & Joyful.
Sometimes Funky. Sometimes Classy.
A Design-Thinking Approach that brings idea and simplicity to the core of our focus.

We help brands navigate towards finding their voice. Even if it is an animated kinetic system that needs continuity or just one and only tv ad, Clim does not rely on just one specific style. We understand style as a visual reaction to an idea, coming directly from analyzing carefully each of the projects and final goals. This is what allows us to find a unique aesthetic response that speaks directly to our client’s audience.

Our work speaks for itself showcasing a wide spectrum of techniques. A work produced both internally or with our partners; internationally recognized production companies across the globe. A collaborative learning system that gives us a perfect understanding of the melting pot of clients, goals, deadlines, and approvals assuring we stay on budget and schedule while offering creative outstanding results.

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